Shaping emerging technology scale-ups to commercially grow and raise investment

…a strategic approach for innovative technology businesses to reap rewards in international markets

Are you an emerging technology (AI/ML/IoT) company?

Having brought your digital health; finance or energy sector solution to market; you may be under pressure to secure more sales traction to attract series A and B investment partners. Are you actively trying to identify and qualify the right international channel partners who can articulate and sell your new innovative concept and deliver results?

Do you know you have a unique innovative solution but feel as if you’re lacking the commercial or international business experience or network to reach its true potential and investor valuation? Have you been on all the Accelerators and Competitions but still feel out of your comfort zone to make it happen? Are you struggling to justify employing a high cost Sales and Marketing team, yet you know you need someone effective on-side to guide and coach you in the best possible direction to take?

Many innovative solutions aren’t making it to market

Some founders simply don’t understand or can’t articulate their value proposition, others burn their bridges by spending their seed investment before making any sales. And there are those that simply grab whatever business comes their way with no real strategy and end up running out of steam. The bottom line is that too many businesses with great potential are facing ridiculously low sales conversion rates and others are unable to convince investors to part with any more funds. The CloudCEO approach is out to help change that and to be your Commercial Champion.


CloudCEO is the integrated and proven solution that helps you get everything in place that you need to position your business for success in domestic and international markets.

Let’s dig deeper on what can be done to scale your business.

The CloudCEO solution

At CloudCEO we work on as much or as little of your route-to-market-to-SALES-to-INVESTMENT engagement model that you need us to. From your Value Proposition Design through to you reaching out to a global market; we will be your guide, each step of the way.

Communication school

Let’s dig deeper on what can be done to scale your business.

Here are just some of the things that others have to say

Andrew has been instrumental in helping us transform our company from a disruptive clinical idea into a commercial business generating income. His incredible network of contacts has enabled us to introduce missing skills into our team and he’s facilitated introductions which have resulted in paying customers. It’s rare to know someone with Andrew’s passion which is matched in equal measure with his want to help businesses be the best they can be.

Kirsten Lord; Founder & CEO of PhysioWizard

I have had the pleasure of working with Andrew on a number of key projects which have focused on the translation and acceleration of innovative health and wellbeing opportunities. Andrew combines a highly personal approach in engaging with customers and partners and can quickly identify key points of differentiation and potential gaps, ranging from the business strategy and team to the technology platform.

David Browning; MediCity UK Managing Director and now CEO of Oxford Cancer Biomarkers

Andrew has excellent gravitas when dealing with his clients, his honesty and open approach both internally and externally won him high levels of respect. He has very high standards and does maintain them throughout. Andrew does what he says he will do.

Campbell Macfarlane; Vice President; Business Transformation, BT Global – America

Getting you to where you want to be

Just think about what your results could look like if you had an effective digital marketing platform working for you 24/7. Imagine what it would mean if you could be producing content that allowed the global marketplace to find you, rather than you having to send sales teams around the globe to demo and sell your solution.

What if you could have a robust qualification tool to help focus on winning the right deals for the right strategic reasons and engaging with an incentivised team of international channel partners. How powerful would that be?

3 simple steps to success

Value Proposition Design

Map how your solution creates value; helping customers alleviate pains & creating gains that customers care about.

Digital Marketing

Online & social media content marketing with an emphasis on your value proposition, customers and reason to believe.


Customer discovery, engaging with customers, testing your assumptions; launching a MVP, shaping the pitch deck, secure investment & sales revenue growth.

Let’s explore what we can do to get your market traction and early stage investment valuation to where you want them to be.

Andrew McGee, the Commercial Champion behind CloudCEO

Andrew is an international Commercial Champion who is accustomed to supporting high-growth digital health and emerging technology scale-ups; engaging with global business networks and making revenue growth happen more rapidly. With a broad portfolio of commercial projects from living in Silicon Valley and working in many parts of the world (including China), Andrew is accustomed to engaging with spin-outs, start-ups, scale-ups and corporate innovation teams to create a robust value proposition and to monetise innovation using a lean start-up and evidence-based entrepreneurship model.